Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Like a big pizza pie...

Wheat flour pizza with "salame piccante" (spicy pepperoni)

Wholemeal pizza
Today I was brainstorming about food (yes sometimes when I get bored I start thinking about recipes... these things happen!) and I thought that pizza should have the honor to inaugurate my blog. I mean it's easy, it's yummy and above all it's Italy!
So let's get started!

I love this recipe (which make pizza for 4 people, more or less) and it's always a success, according to the delighted faces of my guests!

This are the ingredients for the pizza dough:

  • 500 gr. of flour (I like using different kinds of flour. Most of the times I make the dough with wholemeal flour or even spelt flour if you're able to find it);
  • 380 gr. of water (it seems a lot, but pizza dough doesn't have to be dry, I'll post a picture as soon I can);
  • 1 cube of yeast (if you can't find it 2 teaspoons of dried yeast will be enough);
This is the "brewer's yeast", as it is called, that I use.
  • 3 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil (please make sure it's EXTRA VIRGIN!);
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar (this will help the dough leaven);
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
So what to do first:
  1. In a cup dissolve the yeast with around 50 gr. of lukewarm water.
  2. Take a bowl (quite big as the dough will double) and mix the flour with the yeast. 
  3. Add the sugar and gradually pour the rest of the water.
  4. When it is all well mixed add the Evo (from now on this means extra virgin olive oil) and finally the salt.
  5. Cover with a damp tea towel and set aside, in a place where there aren't sudden changes of temperature (this could be the oven, or even the fruit and veggie drawer of the fridge).
The more you leave it leaven, the better. Sometimes I make the dough the night before or in the morning. This it means around 12 to 24 hours of leavening.

Let's talk about the tomato sauce:
The best thing to use is "passata", which is very smooth, rather than canned tomatoes like these:

Always choose a good quality "passata", I personally use Mutti, which I think is the best ever!
You have to cook the passata to get the best flavour from it!
I use for 350 gr. of passata:

2 garlic cloves
Basil (possibly fresh, not dried) and with this I'm always very generous!
salt, black pepper and a pinch of sugar, which is great to contrast the sharpness of the tomato.
and 1 tablespoon of Evo, to conclude.

I let it cook for at least 15/20 minutes.

When you're ready to cook the pizza, spread it on the tray with your hands, don't push to much, think of massaging. Then on the top I put salt, black pepper, if you want some Evo again (this is totally like a massage!), add the tomato sauce and pop it in the oven.

The Oven:
The first thing to do is to preheat the oven at the maximum temperature (like mine heat up to 260°C). You put the pizza in the lower place in the oven for about 10 minutes.
At this point take it out, add the salami, pepperoni, mushroom, mozzarella cheese etc. (whatever your topping is) and move it to the middle place for others 10 minutes, more or less. Just keep an eye on it!

Then it's ready to eat! Enjoy your pizza!!! I will!