Wednesday, 19 December 2012

La piadina romagnola

Today let's talk about "piadina". It's a kind of flat bread (it reminds of a fajitas, more or less), which is typical of Romagna (the Adriatic coast of Emilia-Romagna, in Italy). 

As we celebrated my friend's birthday last Saturday, we decided to have a very "informal" dinner: in fact piadina is eaten with hands and  I think it's great because the guests can choose what to put in too. But let's start with the basics.
The ingredients for 5 people:
-         500 gr of flour
-         200 ml of warm milk
-         70 gr of lard (this is more typical) or Evo
-         1 teaspoon of baking soda (sometimes I also use 10gr of brewer’s yeast)
-         Salt
-         1 teaspoon of honey
1) There aren't many steps to follow: just mix flour, the baking soda (or the yeast melted in some milk) and lard (or Evo), salt, honey and then add the milk. Knead until reaching a compact texture.
You must be able to roll it out in a round shape, with the help of a rolling pin (here in Spain I don't have it, so I used an empty bottle of beer! It worked!). Before cooking in a teflon frying pan (there's no need to add any oil), riddle each piadina with holes, using a fork, then cook over a fairly high fire for 2 minutes each side.

Here above you can see you can eat piadina with cheese, veggies, salami, ham (cured meat in general), but you could also have it with sausages, adding sauces (like mayo, etc)..... and the best is piadina with Nutella and coconut flakes!
To drink we had Lambrusco wine, but what about a nice easygoing Sangiovese di Romagna!?


  1. ahhhhhh la piadina della chiara!!!! Mari.